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Avatar: 69421 Wed Aug 12 05:13:59 -0400 2009

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Fingerz Posted:

He never said that…Log in to see images!

Well, it’s pretty much what I read… quite honestly I’m appalled that the mods are taking the stance of “we simply do not care” instead of “we should have ET give the owners the tools they need to do it themselves” – neither option involves the mods actually having to do any work themselves, but one is no help to anyone at all.

Even more so, I was quite shocked that Tubs was so upset at us for the inferior moderating tools given to them by ET, that they (as moderators) get slapped with the “haxx0rz” page, which is nothing more than a permission checker that mods shouldn’t even be bugged by. It seems that the blame should fall on ET, or not at all… either one is alright. Either the mods should just grudge along and take care of the reported Klan forum threads and whine at ET for making it so difficult, or not do it at all and complain to ET for not giving Klan owners the tools they need.

But the Klan forums are still part of the Forumwarz server and therefore fall under the same legalities as the rest of the site, as far as shock/illegal images, browser hijacks, etc., are concerned… and hearing mods whining about the lack of proper moderating tools is not something we as Klan members should be hearing about.

FalconFour edited this message on 12/02/2008 2:46PM

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