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Avatar: 49150 Tue Aug 11 01:43:48 -0400 2009

Level 28 Emo Kid

lmbo i gave this account and now its full of people :D bye all this game is ****....................

FalconFour Posted:

Although I’m sure I could quickly learn the ways of the hax, I’m not really all too interested in doing so. I’m more into building websites than taking them down. Log in to see images!

And if I may say, damn man, you’re being pretty civilized today, AH. Doubt it’ll be in today’s agenda to have you tone down your obnoxious sig, but… meh.

didt read this

Physics Posted:

activeruby is better. but i won’t tell you from where you can get it

pearl is the best to take websites down if you know how to use it. you obviouly dont, so get caught, in a huricane of male reproductive organs

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