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Canadian Kit-

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[Sisterhood of the -
Quivering Rose

Level 32 Camwhore


Artist Posted:

In my defense, I can no longer buy food either because of that bastard Ppwn Shoppe owner. People like you make me sick. You sympathize with a whore of a girl who mails everyone and then some begging for scraps whereas you can’t even see the damage that the store owner has wrought on the people in your own community.

When I am dead and buried from lack of food, you’ll see the error of your ways. You’ll see that I am just as deserving as she and that you were blinded by a damn bot-spammer.

I hope you rot.

“You could eat it, sure, although it’s still festering with smallpox and several other unidentified plagues. Also, the Ppwn Shoppe owner has been known to warm it up and use it as a woman's genitals substitute in his many lengthy masturbation sessions.”

Hahaha I WANT to give it away so I can LAUGH at the poor sucker who has to eat this festering bird!

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