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Maximum Douc-

Avatar: 64815 Fri Nov 28 03:51:29 -0500 2008

[The Douche]

Level 35 Troll

I love speedos and speedos love me. Also, male reproductive organ.

Wylin Posted:

Aw, I was going to leave you out of it since you’re just a frienemy but if you want I could probably find it in my heart to troll you some too ..

I’m still very happy for douche you came to his rescue! I didn’t know what a hero you were!

Seriously, lets examine how much Brainfreeze fails toady…

Wyrd Posted:

I’d post here to say something bad about you, but you’d just start thinking I’m an actual girl again and make your pathetic camwhore “jokes” again and get so frustrated with your virginity again that you might hurt yourself, and I don’t want to do that. Oh, guess I do actually.

Now a true troll would have taken advantage of the fact that I was hitting on them, and drawn me out for some good old fashion lulz. Instead, you act like a fukwit and end up blowing your cover. Way to be a bad trap man. Next time get the implants and stop using padded bras.

As for Wylin, well wylin’s never been funny. However I love the extent of his whoring for JB, it extends far more than anything. Did he steal your precious anal beads Wylin, is that why you’re such a fabulous person for the JB male reproductive organ?

Oh, that’s right, the stupid Klan E-Peen that JB is going to Toxx on, THAT’S why you’re acting like a 13 year old in a porn shop. Got it, you’re a peen whore.

Considering you absorbed Snobby, I’d say its indicative of your clan, but I don’t want to insult NataliePetrov because despite being bumociated with you fabulous persons, she actually is a cool person.

Really, the true lulz is that you absorbed a failing Klan, and nwo that cancer is in your ranks. You got teh AIDS, and now you’re gunna die.

I give your little circle jerk self help group a week before Fran chokes it.

Time for a good ole three finger salute. t(-.-t)

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