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First of all I really like the additional features and enhancements constantly coming out. Great job on a great game.

Evil Trout Posted:

Right now there’s a few problems with ForumBuildr. The main one I think is that there are simply too many items to vote on in a given week. I used to vote on every single submission but during the last two weeks that’s been impossible. At our last Crotch Zombie meeting, we discussed some changes we think will improve ForumBuildr. I figure we’ll put them out there and see what you guys think!

The first thing we’d like to do is limit how many submissions you can make in a week. Right now, some players are submitting over 100 items! Also, the fact that there’s no limit makes it a lot easier to submit just any old crap, which reduces the quality of submissions and votes.

We’d like to add a ForumBuildr score to players, that could go up or down any week based on how their contributions were voted. As your score goes up, you can submit more things in a week. If it goes down, it lowers them.

Finally, we want to prevent people from submitting in the last 24 hours of the week. Our stats show that pretty much nothing submitted on the last day has a chance of making it in, so it will be useful to increase votes on the existing material.


I personally don’t think that supporting Klan members is a bad thing. That is how the world works. You support your kind. There are in my estimate somewhere around 15k characters. The largest Klan has less than 200 characters. Even with a Klan a bad idea is not gonna make it to far. I was considering getting another character just to bump a few of my votes up to 5 multiples. I wouldnt win that way but maybe get a few extra scoops. BTW my Klans leader is on th record saying she denounces the practice of up voting for members in Forumbuilder.

As for limiting submissions. Yes some people do spam them. But it cant be that many spammers. It appears to me that very few percentage wise even participate. And after wining the game there is not much to do. It takes about 3 min tops to play the core of the game. Four forum visits. Be careful about limiting things outside of this please.

Anyway I agree about a limit just don’t make it to small. 10-20 for each category besides logo design, styles and forum ideas. 1 each there.

As for no submissions in the last day I agree. My stats show the winners are almost always submitted in the first several hours.

I love the idea of a a ForumBuildr score. I am not so sure that it should be related to the number of submissions one can make though. Just the score alone will improve submissions, ad reduce spam.

Corion Posted:

Sounds good!

What about copycats?

I.e. people who won’t submit anything for the first few hours/days so they can rip off the current ideas? I think there’s a lot of people who downvote things off the list and resubmit the idea right now.

Also, you can steal and edit Logos and CSS pretty easily too. Any plans for protecting submitted work?

Copycats are lame. A report bumon could work.

Jalapeno Bootyhole Posted:

Serial downvoters (who are WAY off the standard deviation of negative voting) will also be warned.

We’re open to other suggestions, of course!

I was hoping for a downvote all bumon Log in to see images!

Anyway limiting the number of votes could be effective in many ways. Or just allow upvotes and neutral. Neutral so that you can see what you have already voted for. Oh and report, for copycats.

Jalapeno Bootyhole Posted:

Incidentally, I believe we’re going to make -4 the threshold where your submission disappears. It was at -3 before, people complained, Trout made it -5, but now I’m thinking -4 might be a happy medium.

It means five people thought it was ****ty before it got voted up, because it defaults at +1.

-4 seems fine. I have rarely seen anything resurrected after it gets -2.

Corion Posted:

Any good ideas that die you could always use for Episode 2 (though I’m sure you’re well aware.)

I’ve always thought that in a voting system like this there are certain precautions you can add to avoid retards.

1. Give more weight to people who use both upvote and downvote frequently – someone who only downvotes should be effectively castrated from removing an idea, and someone who only upvotes should be taken a little more lightly.

2. Give more weight to the people whose votes agree with the general consensus. If this person appears to just be randomly upvoting/downvoting, nerf them. However, if the person had only been downvoting, but seems to downvote things that would drop off the chart anyway, or by the same token, almost only upvotes things that win, then this should override rule 1.

3. Give more weight to users who have contributed winning or high-scoring ideas. If the person is voting on thread titles and has submitted 12 winning ones already, chances are they know what makes a good thread title.

4. Give more weight to users who vote on a high percentage of the items. If a user just votes on 2 items every week, they’re not really helping the system much. Encourage more participation by crediting active users who don’t get swallowed by rule 1 or 2.

5. Give less weight to users who only vote up on specific users. If there’s a trend that user A ALWAYS (or almost always) votes up on user B’s submissions … pleh. This one’s obvious and you probably have something in place for it already.

It should be noted that by “more” and “less” I don’t mean HUGE values – these would have to start off low and be slowly tweaked to find a good working set.

Also, I think submissions for thread titles/posts should be required to have at least 1 randomized entry in it – or are there safeguards against the same thread ever showing up twice? I have no idea how the system works, but I usually frown on entries with no randomizers in them.

Before I get started you are not gonna avoid retards. Plus they add an element to the game that I like.

Second I think I know why you chose an Emo kid.

What kind of watered down voting system is this?

Just because you think other peoples ideas suck you should be penalized. **** that. I hate this idea. IT doesn’t even really make a difference the leaders after the fist day pretty much stay the leaders. Hell this game will get bogged down making sure all the kinder gardeners don’t get their feeling hurt.

I want a downvote all bumon. To ensure I down vote all the terrible ideas. Just kidding.

But weighted votes and allowing some people to get moar then others just seems lame to me. I was at a caucus the otherday and someonecane to me and said why I was voting for Mike Gravel. I said I wasnt exactly I was voting against HRC and I will be moving on to Obama later. She said you cant vote against someone. I said watch this and stood with the Obama folks effectively down voting HRC. Down votes are improtant. A total vote limit could be fine but don’t take away the vale of a single vote or give certain people more or less voting power for any reason.

I would like to see:

A generous submission limit.

A neutral bumon So that I can at least see the score of the submission and mark it as read. Instead of forced voting.

A report bumon, for copy violation.

A total vote limit. Around 100-200 or so. And allow me to use all of them how I wish. They are my votes.

A Forumbuilder Score. this alone will improve things greatly.And probably solve most problems.

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