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Maximum Douc-

Avatar: 64815 Fri Nov 28 03:51:29 -0500 2008

[The Douche]

Level 35 Troll

I love speedos and speedos love me. Also, male reproductive organ.

Hot potato! – Buying Cards may net you the Hot Potato Card instead of letting you pick a card! If a player receives the hot potato card, they have to play it on another player to get rid of it. If by rollover the hot potato is not gone, it cools off by melting 5 random scoops from the player, before turning into a random card (like shield, modest, or switcher-roo) Shield does not protect from hot potato! SO you may want to log on early to make sure rollover doesn’t screw you! Players may only have one hot potato at a time.

The System is DOWN – No names display, you only see their scoops and potential cards. You may hit your nemesis or you may hit your best friend, nobody knows, only experimentation (in the dark) will tell!

Rainbow Showers – If you gain a scoop of every flavor, you earn an additional one of every flavor. Only scoops earned honestly (not by modest) trigger this wonderful shower of scoops, better get cracking!

Tax ‘em like its hot! – The Player with the most scoops will lose 5 random scoops which are in turn given to the player with fewest scoops. (in a tie its randomly bumigned)

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