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Avatar: Emo Kid Thinking

Level 32 Emo Kid

I lost at domination?! How could this happen to me?

Is there a list somewhere so we can avoid duplicating? That is, a list somewhere other than in forumbuilder post/topic edits?

How about

@food_bakeddesert: “apple crisp”, “fruitcake”, “angelfood cake”, “lemon tart”, “blueberry muffin”

-use: could add that level of bizzareness people go for when they concatenate it with things like yoga and sex positions, or could be used as a strange insult

@electronics_computer – a sort of subcategory of electronics, computer would randomly return the name of a computer.

One thing I’d like to see more than anything else is the ability to specify _male _female at the end of words that generate people’s names (physician, politician, celebrity, etc.) and the ability to link it to a pronoun such as he/she, his/hers, etc. Right now a lot of people just write “he” “she” or “their” and it looks really weird (though I suppose the internet is supposed to be weird – but I think most posters, no matter how stupid, would probably be able to get the gender of the person they are referencing correct). Then additionally, being able to link body_part or any other gender-specific word types to these would be awesome as well.

Having more specifiers for categories would be nice as well (e.g. @electronics_old, @electronics_new) similar to the way politician has _contemporary, _obscure, and _old.

Finally, the ability to change the tense of a verb or the plurality of objects would be much appreciated. It’s weird when you see someone do “@masturbateing” and you wind up with “bash the bishoping” or “wax the dolphining”.

Disclaimer: I know some of these are complicated to implement and the average user already @totally ****s up when trying to use the existing system, but hey, you asked for suggestions.

Corion edited this message on 03/05/2008 1:12AM
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