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Level 23 Camwhore

“The Lady is a Tramp”


Yeah, it’s certainly original, and very fun. I’ll probably be getting my first four medals tomorrow, as long as nobody decides to hit me with a random card. But even then, I can still pick up another few cards.

I wouldn’t discount the damn cards.. in my group there are 9 people with more than 10 cards (I have 18) Log in to see images!

So yeah, it’s gonna be a little crazy. I would love to coordinate attacks (for Domination), form alliances (I guess actually USE my Klan to help a different person every week win medals), etc.. Also, getting the cheaters out of the mix would help us a lot. Give the damn cheaters their own game. And don’t let their pwnage affect us.

I can’t wait to see what comes next with Domination. I love board gaming in general and I see a ton of similarities, cards aside. The strategy around each goal (most scoops, majority scoops and highest min) is unique, for the most part and very strategic in the higher levels. I’d love some more goals and medals to make things more competitive. I mean, the main group with 100+ members is a little much and hopefully will get adjusted next week, but more goals = good IMO

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