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Avatar: Emo Kid Thinking

Level 32 Emo Kid

I lost at domination?! How could this happen to me?

Jalapeno Bootyhole Posted:

It means five people thought it was ****ty before it got voted up, because it defaults at +1.

What if those 5 users happen to be bumholes? I don’t think there’s really a happy medium for completely excluding an item.

What if every upvote while an item was in the negatives counted for twice as much or something like that. Then it would take 5 downvotes in a row and an extra 2 if the item was upvoted by someone else – or some other form of revival for dying ideas. Any idea that is genuinely bad WILL be killed eventually – even some of the 20+ voted logos were knocked off the list.

If players are being limited in how many ideas they can submit per day/week I think having bad ideas on the list will be less of a problem – and users should be able to have a fair chance at their ideas being seen. If all of your ideas are submitted and killed by a wave if re-re’s before they see the light of the general population, that’s not good.

Doh, double post with no delete bumon. FAIL!

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