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Jalapeno Boo-

Avatar: 44 2012-11-06 12:31:55 -0500

[Crotch Zombie]

Level 44 Emo Kid

I had the first bum avatar.

It’s been way too long since we’ve had a contest here! This one’s for Brownie Points.

“Crotch Zombie” isn’t just the name of Forumwarz’s parent company. It’s also a really gay prank to pull on your friends and neighbors!

The urban definition of “crotch zombie” (vote it up while you’re there)!

”A sexually discomfiting prank whereby the actor, in the presence of several others in a confined area (such as an elevator), covers his crotch and proceeds to slowly and steadily approach the victim, impressing his pelvic region upon him, moaning and bumuming the blank expression of the walking undead (i.e., a zombie).”

We want you to video yourself or friends “crotch zombie-ing” someone. It doesn’t have to be a prank on a stranger (that would be advocating quasi-sexual bumault), but whatever’s funniest will win. Use your discretion, I guess.

Next, post that **** on YouTube or wherever (preferably tagged with “crotch zombie” and “Forumwarz.” Link it up here and we’ll judge it! For bonus points, add it to the our official Facebook fanpage.

And now, a photo love-essay of how one might administer a crotch zombie:

Subtlety is key.

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Victims are often in a compromised position.

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Target acquired!

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In an elevator, no one can hear you scream. (Make sure to press all the floor bumons!)

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Can it be raep tiem nao plz?

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Indeed it can. Indeed it can!

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See that fetal position? Means you’ve done something right!

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An easily forgotten, but important rule. No homo!

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Finally, a hearty reconciliation.

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EDIT: This failful contest is done.

Umm…yeah. Some guys won. Grats to “runner-up” Echuu, who had the courage to submit first. Grats to General Romanov, who will collect his reward as soon as he finishes his entry.

(But you won, buddy, you won.) Log in to see images! Jalapeno Bootyhole edited this message on 04/15/2008 6:10PM

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