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Canadian Kit-

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I just find it sooooo funny the most liberal congressman in the country is now trying to convince America he is conservative- going to cut taxes, cut the government, personal responsibility, etc…

While when he thinks the cameras are off, he calls us bitter racists who cling to our guns and bibles.

P-doggie Posted:

skimming a little “you love me right?” money out of the oil companies’ profits to give out to the sheeple (wait… isn’t that SOCIALISM?!?!!!!111).

No- the oil companies are taking resources from Alaska- she’s just making sure Alaskans get paid for it (I can’t believe I’m defending Palin). Socialism is taking things away from people who have them (ie money in the form of taxes) and giving it to people who dont- so everything is “fair”. When everybody has nothing- then you know we have socialism.

P-doggie Posted:

Just try to remember: It took nearly two ****ing terms for the American People to realize Bush was doing a ****ty job with the entire country

I don’t know ANYBODY who voted for Bush. Everybody I know voted AGAINST Gore and AGAINST Kerry. And god either one of them would better than BO.

Canadian Kitten edited this message on 11/03/2008 12:30AM
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