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priscilla Posted:

I wouldn’t have allowed multiple free accounts under one IP for any reason, if I were ET. The idea in a free account is to get you interested enough to where you buy more than what the cost of the account would have been. If you’re living with other people who see you play and become interested, they’ve pbumed that stage. Conversely, users could have been charged after using so many turns.

But if you buy an alt that the other person can use on your account, then that person could use your character, due to the dynamics of the alt change page. There’s nothing stopping them from spending your brownie points, wasting your visits, or various other malicious deeds.

And this in turn brings up the DRM arguement, in a way. If I bought and can play a game, why can’t other members of my household? Making them pay for an extra copy is a major male reproductive organ move. It’s a slightly different paying method here, but the principle remains.

And if Crotch Zombie decide that they want Family/housemates/whatever to pay for extra accounts, then they’re also going to decide that you have to pay for each alt to play episode two, and that would be a major, MAJOR turn off for someone with tons of alts, whether they belong to other people or not.

As it happens, there is another person who plays forumwarz in my house, and they have to pay for episode two separately. So, that’s fair for both Crotch Zombie and the other player.

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