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Avatar: 75834 Thu Oct 30 18:15:50 -0400 2008

Level 8 Emo Kid

“Scene Kid”

FalconFour Posted:

Pretty sure that everyone hates me for one of the following reasons:

– Not begging for admission to your ****ty Klan, and creating my own instead without even so much as a “I wonder if I should join a Klan”. This means you were unable to exercise your upper hand and all-around awesomeness by telling me to go **** myself.

– Being better than you at everything, like never needing to ask some idiotic computer tech to fix my computer, beating you at the hacker challenge (except for a select few that figured out #8 was a mother****ing anagram).

– Coming up with memes your fabulous persony, annoying bum would never dream of (Red male reproductive organ).

– Verbally molesting you, your mom, and your friends, all in one sleek and somewhat well planned out sentence.

– More than half the time, not falling for your ****ty trolls, so you don’t get the lulz of watching me squeal.

– Being able to jack off to pictures of F-16s and falcons, i.e. being able to get my porn at, while you get loads of viruses and whacked-up **** on your credit card bill by being obsessed with mammary glands, bum, male reproductive organ, vagoo, whatever it is that “normal” people fap to.

– Being a better person than you.

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