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Avatar: Mother and Children

Level 4 Troll

“Slightly Unpleasant Individual”

tanukihat Posted:

Good job breaking rules 1 &2, AHHZ.

Also, guess what? I’m an Alpha male.

And girls want to **** alpha males. Let it **** you off as much as you want, but you know it’s completely true. That girl you like who is kinda cute in a weird way, but is totally sweet and you have the biggest crush on? The one who keeps going back to guys who treat her wrong for reasons you don’t understand? The one who calls you up at 1 am to cry about how her boyfriend hasn’t called her in 3 days, and no matter how long you listen to her, she’ll never think of you as anything other than asexual? The one who will curl up next to you on the couch, hug you close, kiss you on the cheek, and never let you ****ing touch her beyond that?

Yeah, I’m ****ing her.

The hot girl who won’t even look at you when you nod at them and smile? The one who laughs when you trip in the hallway and drop your stuff? The one who comes up and coyly asks for your help with her homework, and then pretends you don’t exist once you finish?

Yeah, I’m ****ing her too, even harder.

The geeky girl you think might be enough like you that you have a chance with her? She plays Warcraft on your server, and watches anime, and reads comics? She’s so incredible and you just love her so much but you still haven’t worked up the courage to tell her how you feel about her?

Guess who just sucked me off and told me they’ll always love me?

And what’s more? I laugh at guys like you. When you cry about how much girls treat you bad, and wonder why they can’t just see that you’re a nice guy who would always treat them right? I nod and tell you to hang in there, you’ll find someone right for you someday, don’t give up hope man. But inside? I’m laughing my bum off at you you pathetic ****. Every girl you set your sights on, who isn’t a disgusting pig-monster, I’m going to **** 6 ways from Sunday before you even tell her you think she’s cute. I won’t bother trying when you finally settle for that 350 pound girl who works at hardees, you can have that. Anything else I’m going to great times on her face before you get those lips near it.

And the biggest reason I laugh? It’s not me doing all this. It’s the girls. When you cry about how lonely you are? Or talk about how you just want to curl up and disappear, and all that Emo bull****? You’re triggering her “Don’t ****” instinct something fierce. You’re a miserable weak coward, why would she want your genes? Feel free to buy her a new computer and help her decorate her apartment, you’re great for that. But her baby-maker is barking orders at her, telling her to wrap her legs around me and hold on for as long as she can. She needs it, on a primal level you’ll never get to see first hand, even if you do get a chance to **** her. Sooner or later one of them will lay back and spread their legs, but you won’t see any hunger in their eyes. They won’t beg you to love them forever and make them yours. You won’t know what it’s like to see her animal side needing you as much as she needs to eat and breath.

And she’s cheating on you, I promise that. When she sits around quiet and uncomfortable, acting irritable and irrational towards you, wanting you to just back away and leave her alone, it’s not her period. It’s because I haven’t called her for a day or two and her instincts are telling her to go find me. The primitive section of her brain doesn’t want to risk smelling like another man when she gives herself to me, she wants me to know she’s completely mine. We do things together she tells you she never would. Her pooper? Mine. I want to give her a facial? of course. I want her to suck the great times out of my male reproductive organ, even though I just finished pumping away at her bum? she’s never going to tell me no. She doesn’t WANT to tell me no. She wants me to know she’ll do anything it takes to keep me. She’ll rim my bum while she’s down there sucking me off if it means pleasing me. She’ll drink my great times from a shotglbum. She’ll wear a bumplug when we go out to dinner. She’ll sleep handcuffed to my headboard. Anything.

And then she’ll go home to you and tell you she’s not in the mood today.

I’d say you should become an hero, but you being around makes her want a real man all the more, so keep fabulous personging it up Emo ****es, I’ll keep that woman's genitals warm while you’re crying in the corner.


I know who you are. You’re almost invariably male, caucasian, middle-clbum. Your parents were normal, vanilla folks. Maybe you had a sibling or two.

You went to a public school, pulling high or middlish grades with ease and relative disinterest. You didn’t really gel with most of the other kids; you found them boring, they found you weird. Your contempt for the average person grew with your age, never seizing control like in some emo dip****, but simmering casually in the back of your head. When some bumhole who could barely read got hurt, you pyobably laughed. When some stuck-up skank got herpes, you probably smiled. Chances are you got on well enough with your teachers; you weren’t a preening bumhole like many of your peers, at least showed vague interest in learning, and perhaps the teacher sensed and picked up on your general contempt for others in your clbumes. This trend no doubt continued into college, if you had the motivation to bother.

It’s a bit of an exaggeration to say you hate women: you don’t, after all, enjoy the socializing game. You’re probably no Don Juan, either. You long ago began to think of women as disappointingly petty, but you still hope to encounter someone interesting at some time or another.

You enjoy being anonymous because it is a release from the normal world: no anonymous has an identity, no anonymous is a preening fabulous person. Anonymous realizes he is just a guy ****ing around on the internet. Anonymous knows others of his kind enjoy this fact, too. You despise the furfabulous person, the gaiafabulous person, the internet tuff guy for one simple reason: he acts like the internet is the real world, a place where actions should have social consequences and where there needs to be a pecking order. Needless to say, you do not approve.

In closing…

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