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Avatar: 10822 Wed Dec 24 04:02:22 -0500 2008

Level 34 Camwhore

“Legs Wide Open”

Rough Justice: bumhole, shotgun, thief have their values doubled

Roulette: You can no longer target players with cards, the effects occur randomly, even with positive effects.

7 Card Stud: All players begin with 7 cards, two of which are hidden. Cards cannot be purchased.

Attrition: Every card played effects everyone in the bracket.

Midnight Leech: At rollover, all players lose 3 scoops randomly.

Brinkmanship: The card cap is removed and the cost is cut in half.

Naked in the Breeze: All cards are visible to every player.

Ice Cream Social: Players are allowed to give their scoops away.

Countdown: Scoops earned in the last 24 hours of the round don’t count

My ideas are getting a little bizarre so I’ll stop there.

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