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Avatar: 15443 2010-04-04 18:27:25 -0400


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I’m a big fan of reducing the number of alts that a single player can wield. I don’t see any disadvantages really.

– a single player does not wield undue influence in any bracket due to their horde of alts, meaning dom then has greater accessibility to newcomers

– a cap on the amount of time a player needs to devote to participating in dom – we already know what happens if there are no caps in place

– if there are caps in place, that means mistakes are more costly – you don’t have the option to just throw more resources at the problem

– players who wish to experiment with more alts can focus on a greater range of goals or activities if they wish. 5 is a reasonable limit for domination. You can start each week with a different set of alts to have full visits on them, but that means medals being potentially spread more thinly.

– a limit on alts offers an innate cap on potential vanilla raiding gains, and by extension, vanilla interruption. I don’t know if there needs to still be a cap on raid size – would players ally with each other if faced with overwhelming odds from a larger klan? Politics and alliances are a good game balancer in theory, but in practice it doesn’t happen enough.

– a real choice with consequences, if you want to participate with multiple alts – you’re either playing close to the wire (or perhaps overextending yourself) on all your alts, or you’re focussing on one alt, with the others as support (through vanilla raiding, or interruption)

I think with the way the new season has started, we’re going to have another big issue soon – impossible to interrupt vanilla raids. A few of us have insane powar levels now, and players who want to compete are going to face a long grind to get to the same point. For me at least, I’m looking at hitting the cred limit in less than 10 days, and that’s with losing 2 days of visits after the start of ep2. Many of the usual suspects will be there at or before the start of the second dom week.

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