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Avatar: 12797 2015-07-20 16:59:13 -0400

[Good Omens]

Level 69 Camwhore

I really do talk ****!

– Hot Potato: Discard someone else’s card…at random

Love it.

– male reproductive organshot: Nullifies the next card someone tries to use (doesn’t have to be directed at you)

How would this be played? Choose a target player or a general blanket against the next card?

– Dy-no-mite!: Removes X scoops from chosen opponent, removes Y scoops from you (X = 4, Y = 2)

Too powerful unless there is a fixed value. Currently pretty useless if that value isn’t higher than The bumhole. Would be extremely useful if new medals are introduced.

– Crouching Coward: The next offensive domination card that you play on a player will appear anonymous

Funny. Probably wouldn’t be used nearly as much as people think it would be though, since it pretty much requires 8 scoops to hit and you still might hit a Shield. If it had a built in 1 scoop attack it would be big fun.

– Box of Chocolates: gives X scoops, but the scoop types given are chosen at random (X = 2 or 3)


– Pick your poison: If a scoop would be stolen or destroyed you can choose which flava of scoop, would be re-equip-able like Shields.

Could be a nice option for Euro players who would then have a Shield and rebuild combo that they didn’t need to be there for. Would also allow allow those playing multiple alts to wander off knowing their scoops could repopulate. I’m not sure that is such a good thing though.

– Scoop Giv’r!: Give X scoops to another character (X = 2 or 3) (the other character can’t be in your klan and can’t be an alt?)

Can’t do it. This would simply be an alt abuse card. I’ll use my alts to beef up my buddy, he will use his to beef me up. We will be solo klanned and communicate in chat. Speaking as someone who often has 2 or 3 alts in a bracket, this is bad. With this card, I could choose medal winners every week.

– Card Giv’r!: Give a card another character (the other character can’t be in your klan and can’t be an alt?)

Not a fan. It would simply encourage klans to be klans without having their characters in klan. Honestly anything that hinges on where your character is camped is pretty easy to work around.

– Crazy Cooter: This card removes X scoops at random, from X random characters (X = 3 or 4)

Too powerful for a 4 scoop card. A single card that can potentially take out 3+ Shields is just too strong.


We’re also considering a higher cost set of cards, perhaps 8 or 10 scoops?


– Erection: Takes X scoops of your choosing and puts them all into one scoop flava (maybe X = 5?)

Like a really big focused Modest Improvement or something to consolidate your scoops? The really big Modest would become the standard. The consolidation would never be used. 8 scoops to move 5 with no actual gain? Seems like a lot of scoop loss that could be easily done with a Switcharoo. But maybe it would be useful if the The Fibonacci Sequence medal is implemented.

– Flacid: Redistribute X scoops of a chosen flava and randomly spread them out (maybe X = 5?)

Extremely useful for adjusting Minimum Scoops, but honestly too costly to be practical.

– Pbum the Buck: Redirects the next card used against you to the next user (based on total scoops)

Could replace The Shield as the card to have.

– Spread the love: Remove X random scoops from each of the top 3 players (X = 2 when you have more then 4 scoops, X = 3 when you have 4 or less)

Love it.

– Peek-a-lose: Look at your opponent’s hand, force a chosen card to be discarded

Love it.

– Card Thief: Steal a random card from a chosen opponent

Love it.

– Chameleon: The next offensive domination card will appear to come from the user of your choosing

Funny. Probably wouldn’t get used very often since it will take 12 scoops to hit the person and if they have an active Shield they wouldn’t see who hit anyway.

– Mirror Mirror: Sends the next attack that comes your way back at the source

Neat, but costly. I doubt I’d choose this card.

– Your Name is Enigo Montoya: After this card is used, the next card used is redirected to target player (in any bracket – again may be over-powered )

This is such a cool idea in theory, but horrible in practice. It would open to more alt abuse than anything this game has seen. Even if you eliminate Modests and bumholes, still just way too strong. I could unklan and use all my alts to target the players in the bracket I actually wanted to medal in. Not a good plan.

– Feminine Caller: Allows a user to disarm a shield equipped (for the next attack only – if there’s no shield equipped, the card does nothing)

Interesting, but probably too expensive given the current environment. Way too powerful if the The Fibonacci Sequence or target number medals are introduced.

– Card Shark: Discards up to X cards from another character and replaces them with an equal number of random cards (X = 5)

Chaos is awesome, but this might push everyone into deciding that using cards as a strategy is pointless.

– Counter Strike: The next character that uses an offensive card against you loses X scoops (X = 2)

Costs too much unless it also acts as a Shield.

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