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Avatar: Halloween Pumpkin

Level 24 Troll

“Dick in a Box”

Fran Posted:

Wahoo Answers was klan voted, 90% sure.

Forum Ideas are getting some spiky downvotes as well. Too bad probablty the klanvoted stupid Wahoo is already the winner. I liked Regression Reclamation and Election Erection made me lol pretty hard.

ok, well my submission, wahoo answers did, in fact just win.

however, i don’t believe it was clan voted, because well, I’m not in a klan! the only reason an idea would be klan voted would be if the creator of the idea was in the klan that voted for it… right? please correct me if im wrong

Also, i have no friends, yes, its sad isn’t it? Oh! that’s right! fraging rites (or whatever his name is) is my friend! maybe he up voted my submission!

but seriously, I’m pretty much unknown here in forumwarz, so I’m just as confused as you guys are about why my idea won. I’m not going to say my idea was bad, just that there were a lot of good ones, and i can see why your surprised that i won, but basing my victory on klan voting just doesn’t make seance to me.

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