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Avatar: Denim Skirt

Level 45 Camwhore

“DVDA Diva”

Hi fellow upstanding moral paragons of the fairer sex, care for another member of our continual studies in the empowering of femininity in the information age. I like my generalized camwhore. She probably isnt the strongest of them all, but I read most threads take 3 shots, yet I seem to 2shot them so I’m doing something right.

With my grinding gear I have

Ego 205

Sexiness 100

Offense 12

Defense 4

Luck 5

Frugality 6

Charisma 8

Upkeep 6

I mostly focused on offense, if/when I ever respec I’ll probably ditch the defense. It seems to do little if you don’t focus on it. Now it’s time to grind for extra gear.

One thing I’ve discovered is that the Ultra-heels are more of less divine and should be gotten as soon as possible. Cheap as hell to repair, strong and almost as good as the best boots you can get when it really matters.

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