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Avatar: 49870 Tue Oct 21 02:47:07 -0400 2008

Level 29 Troll

“Gaping Asshole”

1338h4x Posted:

Ultimately, trolling is all about knowing the perfect way to **** people off, derail threads, ruin a forum, etc. Often times even the slightest bit of lurking moar can highlight the right bumons to push that’ll truly **** everything up.

It’s something that has to be practiced, not taught. Just keep that advice in mind and find some easy targets to **** up.

1338h4x Posted:

Also it takes a certain kind of mindset to be a troll, you can’t just troll certain places and be a nice guy elsewhere. The fact that you haven’t gone and abused your mod powers to just permban everyone shows that you are nowhere near the path to becoming a heartless douche.

Did Cambridge pay you to lecture us ITT? Shut up and take your idiocy to hell.

Who am I? I am…

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And I’m going to zap your bum.

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