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Avatar: InaneAnomaly's Avatar

Level 22 Troll

“Dick in a Box”

I would be eternally grateful for any BP that anyone would be gracious enough to bestow upon me.

And know that I care for them very specially; I treat each one as though it were my own child.

I love and care for them, and am highly reluctant to ever waste them on anything unworthy, most likely only doing so if I had a very large amount indeed, and the cause was hilariously just.

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To sum up, know that with me, your BP are going to a safe and happy home. I will hoard them away from the rest of the world; all the pain, sorrow and suffering, and hold them close to me until the final moments that we share together before I donate them unto the great Brownie Land in the Sky, in exchange for something particularly awesome. Log in to see images!

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InaneAnomaly edited this message on 10/08/2008 4:22PM
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