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Avatar: 50390 Tue May 26 17:55:44 -0400 2009

Level 35 Troll


enire Posted:

You know, it started out so well. Varig Airlines has impeccable service, and even their food is good.

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A couple of Vodka & Guaranas, lots of attention from the gorgeous flight attendants (boys and girls!), and I arrived in Rio feeling very festive, indeed.

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I met Tubs at the airport. Although I’d never seen him in person before, the unusual complexion and the faint glow of his mangina made him instantly recognizable.

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We stopped for a drink at the airport lounge before getting into a cab and heading into the city. He had Bailey’s, of course; I had a glbum of Merlot.

Fran’s house was easy to find. Brazilians have a gift for giving directions. Such a cute little house it was, too. Oddly different in style from the neighbouring homes.

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Tubs and I glanced nervously at each other as we approached the door. The moans from upstairs told me that quang had already arrived… and was about to “arrive” again Log in to see images!. Tubs and I exchanged a quick fistbump for luck, and I rang the bell. A young man’s face appeared in the window above, and a moment later, the door opened.

Before us stood a vision of loveliness. Fran was even more voluptuous than I expected, fleshy thighs rippling with every step.

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My knees grew limp as my male reproductive organ stiffened. I looked at Tubs and crossed myself. I must have pbumed out, because the next thing I knew, Fran had me slung over her shoulder and was carrying me upstairs.

Up in Fran’s room, the four of us got comfortable, and… well, I’m not one to kiss and tell, but quang has given you the idea already. It was overpoweringly beautiful, though — the alcoholic haze, the scent of Bailey’s on Tubs’ breath, Fran’s ample thighs around my waist…

The doorbell startled all of us, I think, breaking our rhythm and the personal reveries we were all lost in. Quang and Tubs seemed rather alarmed at the prospect of more people joining us. Those silly boys don’t understand that more is better. Always. Well, almost always.

“Entrais!” Fran called out. I was a little surprised that she didn’t go down to answer the door in person, but I was relieved, too. It felt so good to be cocooned in the folds of her body.

Their footsteps on the stairs were like thunder. I began to panic, imagining military police in their big boots. I looked to Fran for rebumurance, and the smile on her face put me at ease. Just then, I heard Tubs gasp, and I turned around.

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Now… don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against larger women. I love the fullness and softness of their flesh, and there are so many wonderful things you can do with rolls Log in to see images!. But I was not prepared for this. Next thing I knew, I was torn from Fran’s embrace and carried to another room.

What happened in there? Well, at first… once I got over the shock… things were going well. I’m not really into the sploshing scene, but I’m not one turn down a little chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Then the cake came out, and I thought, “OK, I can handle this,” and, you know, it was okay. But these women were insatiable, and that cake was gone in mere moments. Next thing I knew, they were tying me up and eyeing me hungrily. Could they be… holy god they were carrying me down to the kitchen! I hadn’t noticed on the way in, but Fran has some gigantic appliances there. And on the stove was a very large pot, easily big enough for two men.

I fought like I have never fought in my life. I grabbed a mbumive cast-iron frying pan and swung it with all my might. The sound of a skull cracking is one I never wish to hear again. Sick to my stomach, I ran as fast as I could, grabbing some laundry off the line on my way to the gate. Tubs and quang met me there. We all stared at each other, shell-shocked, unwilling to break the awful silence.

We didn’t speak to each other at all on the way to the airport, and we said the hastiest of goodbyes after we pbumed through security. It sounds like quang got off easy; I don’t know what happened to Tubs. I’m afraid to ask.

much too long; tried to read, but enjoyed the pictures and came, tks

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