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Orb Posted:

It might not, and I’m trying to be fair. I just don’t like the concept much. Embarrbuming secrets are revealed by everyone on the Internet. What’s interesting is the SUBJECT of the embarrbuming secrets, not the secrets themselves. I cant imagine the personality of the average forumgoer at Internet Confessional. What are they about?

Best as I can bumume, the average forumgoer on IC would be a neurotic, attention-craving emo kid, but we already have that in many forums (and as a character clbum).

So the concept itself isn’t inherently funny, therefor it requires users to breathe funny into it via the SUBJECT of their submissions. just as it is on other secrets-oriented websites. (like

I never really got how people think a forum idea has to be inherently funny, or they hate it from the start. the idea is supposed to simply be the foundation.

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