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Avatar: 53266 2011-07-31 00:43:01 -0400

[SG Inc]

Level 35 Troll

The most anal, compulsive tattle tale on this site, mess with me and meet the ban axe ****

Pickled male reproductive organbum Posted:

yeah but you don’t need to approach it like you did. I was bumuming heavy sarcasm.

It’s a moot point, really. OPSB will be voted out, if not this round soon after that. It doesn’t even have a proper logo. Then again I hated Faux and campaigned against that for weeks, too (with male reproductive organ Liquor, ironically). There’s a LOT of others I’d like to see gone but Faux and OPSB where the first two that came to mind for me, but also RAtM for instance because of its illegible cred page.

Re: gameplay. This is just a guess but I think forum difficulty will change come ep 2, since otherwise we’ll have a whole bunch of comparatively weak forums when it rolls out.

Also I see how I came off mean, language barrier and stuff… sorry.

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