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Avatar: 50390 Tue May 26 17:55:44 -0400 2009

Level 35 Troll


i actually think this thread is gigantically about me aside from everyone else, ive done most of those bannable things i and you have in fact been p lenient yeah. especially the new alt rule but not playing with old alt was relevant to me, whether it was banned or not becuase i never did recall all the addys and pw’s of all the alts i did make. some were banned some not, but i logged out of em and they were all lost in limbo, like the fabulous personnum one, which banhammer tried to help me recover. ie: pbumwords and emails forgotten/not written down. i got a suggestion about the multiple accts with diff emails..-make people verify the email with a login code sent to said email. that is how many online games/sites work, and it would avert illegal alts more because who wants to make 100 new non-fake email accts? the level 4 rule is a great thing, that was a stroke of genius there..also about the visa gift card thing, thats a good suggestion that applies to me as well, i feel like i gotta shoot you some bucks for all the ****ing ive done and i should/will, will look that **** up later this month when i get cash.. if you want even more security against alts use the email verification code requirement for ppl to get in, like i said. hah long post, will advise more later if i think of anything..who better than probably the most banned player of all time, to help you out eh Log in to see images!

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