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Avatar: 12797 2015-07-20 16:59:13 -0400

[Good Omens]

Level 69 Camwhore

I really do talk ****!

Ooo, fun! I like the Lottery because it’s funny. Also, the “got lucky” is how quite a few medals are received in the lower brackets anyway. Share that lucky love with everyone!

The lowest unique, is a really cool idea and lends itself brilliantly to destruction play.

For the clbum goal, would they only be available to those in that clbum? Couldn’t they just be themed, but available to everyone? I would be the most sad ever if I couldn’t have a shot at the blow **** up or boost some random player option. Log in to see images!

I’ve been thinking a lot about Dom cards, medal options and how to be less of a whiny **** lately. I’m thinking of renting myself out as a hitwoman because it seems like it would be fun. Log in to see images!

Stairway to Heaven – Each progressive flava must be a different multiple of some base number. Say you need 5 vanilla, 10 chocolate, 15 pistachio, 20 antifreeze and 25 lemon. (This would also make the possible future “give someone a scoop or two” cards work offensively to male reproductive organ with totals that needed to be specific.

Dark Horse Contender – not sure if it would be a nightmare to track, but a medal awarded to the player with the most scoops who didn’t use any cards during the week.

Alternate medal conditions might be a really fun theme week option if they aren’t a forever option. Log in to see images!

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