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fabulous personnum PI

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Level 7 Troll


elenaratelimit Posted:

Im just about to goto the pub coz I cant be arsed with his bull****, Im getting so worked up coz of this ****ing prick, keeps going, like 2 years ago when he tryed saying I hadnt done what i said, to try and get props on doa, this is the same thing but on bmt and I bet he has a few alias. Ive always been nice to him, he comes up with some bollox though that ive done. Funny how no one else has a problem with the way I am encee? funny how I have loads of mates, funny that ive done a few things, funny as people attually respect me in real life coz I am real, I aint fake, I will tell you how it is, if you dont like that get ****ed, this is the final straw that broke the camels back, as Ive said ive always been nice to you even the insane amount of times you usto hit me up on msn and mix over webcam LOL , only times ive gotten ****ty is when you have instigated somthing, like just now.

Dont keep calling me mate, you will never be lucky enough to be mates with me, now jog the **** on you ****ing ****ed up social inept prick.

Yeh that night i did go on abit, tbh i didnt big my self that much, i only followed on from somthing you were saying and used somthing as a refrence, then you take it the wrong way, why? why does it bother you so much? YOUR THE ONE WITH THE ****ING PROBLEM.

You seem to have a bit of a broken record going on there my dear Log in to see images!

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