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Avatar: Eirairaianna's Avatar

Level 16 Re-Re

Litening bolt!!!! LOL (in ur faice bad guyz)

Evil Trout Posted:

can i play? i have level 10+ male reproductive organ

Do you hav POWARS for fiteing zombeis?

Mongeloid Warrior is a powarfull fiter adn uses nuncucks. Captian Soda is brave adn, he will be our leder. Kittei is fats adn quite, she wil be our scowt. Grog fites hard with his axs. Janei is super smart adn has holey watre.

I dont’ now if pens wil be very uesfull. But mabey if we nede to rite somethnig down… OK you can join us! You ar eteh bard.

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litening bolt LOL!

Eirairianna elf wizerd. LOL. Plese send me a freind reqwets!!@!!

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