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[the abyss]

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“Gloomy Gus”

Sabre_Justice Posted:

Zak sighs. “Well, Timothy’s still invisible so I guess it’s up to me. By the way Tim, right now you’d make a perfect scout.” He walks towards the arched pbumage.

As you approach the archway, you look up and see a figure etched, in intaglio, onto the keystone. It is a portrait of a man, presumbly royalty from the crown he wears on his head. While you cannot be sure from a portrait alone, the heavy beard and powerful square jaw reminds you of a dwarf. Zak: You do not recognise the crown design. In itself, that isn’t too surprising, since your expertise lies mostly in human history, but it is strange still, considering how you have made a cursory study of dwarven heraldry too. If it is an actual historically accurate crown, it must be one that is either extremely old or extremely recent.

You cough softly as you step through the arched pbumageway; your steps have stirred up some dust across the threshold. Obviously the kobolds have not crossed this way for some time, if ever. The air is cool and dark in the little vault. The kobolds have not lit this way, that much is obvious. You hesitate, unsure if you should continue into the darkness like this. Who knows what may be waiting for you in there?
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