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Avatar: Rastanarcharismarx's Avatar

[Vacation Hideaway]

Level 35 Troll

“Problem Child IV”

Jacques Delacroix


debating, science (maybe not talent but I just don't suck at it), 
athletics (especially jogging, have to work a little more on it though - haven't done it for a while lately... waste of talent)

Reason for Being at the Parc: 
peace & silence, fresh air, lingering around, chillin' (with friends), dealing?, having some time alone with someone else 

Significant Family/Friends: 
Significant Family:
 couple of sisters, a brother, two parents (one male + one female, both heterosexual).
 I also have a wonderful nephew with whom I love to spend time with. 
Signifiant friends:
 one that loves his occasional drinks a lot,
 one that tries to get chicks a lot,
 and one whose ultimate wish is to become a hermit somewhere in the quiet woods of the Walloon Ardens,
 all of them are old high school friends and we all kept in touch. 
Significant Other?
 I haven't had enough time for a significant other for past months and the spare time I had I've wasted on RPGs.
 But holidays are coming up ;), though generally I mostly enjoy the flirting in human(oid) relations.



Veer Posted:

you might not want to have the name of rastajesuschristthatsalongname for your character.

Also, last names too.

voila, problem solved!

Rastanarcharismarx edited this message on 06/10/2008 11:33PM
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