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Avatar: Trogluddite's Avatar

Level 10 Camwhore

“Leave it to Cleavage”

I DO NOT understand this. Several times I’ve been accused – either directly or through not-so-subtle implication, that I’m a spy or interfering with Klan activities. In several Klans it has been hinted (or stated outright) that I’m up to no good or that I’m intentionally spilling domination positions or other information into Flamebate.

What gives? I’m at a loss to why this suspicion is so prevalent. I have no alts, and I only play the game semi-casually. I’ve always done my best to participate in Klan domination and raids when they don’t interfere with real-life, and I’ve always enjoyed logging in every couple of days to check Klan forums for interesting discussions (because, frankly, Flamebate is a festering cesspool of banality and people who take this game much to seriously).

Despite having been ****ed over myself more times than I care to count, I STILL give you bumholes the benefit of the doubt and bumume that everyone is basically decent until proven otherwise. I guess I’ve bumumed that others do the same – and maybe it’s true. So why – WHY THE **** – am I so consistently fingered as the ‘nefarious klan-infiltrating domination spoiler’? Seriously now, how in the hell am I supposed to stay in a ****ing Klan (in this case, a Klan which I was really enjoying) without randomly getting booted with some sort of accusatory message along the lines of “You’re a male reproductive organ for interfering with domination?”

What the hell should I be doing to convince people that I’m just a guy who wants to play a goddamned game, and cooperate with a group of like-minded individuals?

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