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Macks Posted:

I finished Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas a while back. The movie is almost too faithful to the book, after watching the movie the book almost felt like a novelization and not a separate entity.

I mean, that’s sort of the point I guess, but it’s a lot of fun watching a movie like fight club and then reading the book, since the book has a lot of alternate scenes and different plot elements while still making up the same general story.

The best way to describe it is reading a non-fiction book about WW2, then going to the comic rack and finding a comic about an alternate universe WW2 where Hitler rides a ****-off huge mecha-dinosaur that shoots lasers out of its eyes. Actually, that’s a really bad way to describe it, and this is a terrible post. I apologize.

It would have been different if you’d read the book before seeing the movie probably.

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