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Avatar: Eirairaianna's Avatar

Level 16 Re-Re

Litening bolt!!!! LOL (in ur faice bad guyz)

Hi guys I dont’ undrestadn evreytihng but I thnik lief it beatifull and its importent too look at wat is beatifull in the werld and othre peeple.

My Dad says evreyon sees the werld a litel diffrent and respodns to wat they see so to undrestanned wat they are donig you need too try adn see the werld liek they see it. Its, hard but if you lissen to peeopel yo ucan start to se ewat is beatifull for them liek how Janei loves Biff and firts it seems rong liek hes just a bullei but tehn you lissen how she taks abou thim adn yow start too see how he is beatifull too hre and then you can thik ehs beatufill to.

Adn, the othre part is even harder you have to shoe peepel what you see that is beatifull. Like the tress they arent’ just preety like green and, leafs adn stuf but also they have quite gentle spritis and they giv evreything shade adn places for brids to live and food and wood and they never take aneything. So I try too sho peeple that.

then the hardest part is too be mor elike wat you thnik is beatifull and,s o so I try to be more like the trees. You shoud think about wat is beatifull too you and hopw its beatifull and try too be mor lik eit.

Sory to talk so much. i now i dont’ rite well and, somtimes I get confussed wehn I try to think abot hard stfu but you semmed so confussed adn I thot I woud tell you abot watm y Dad sed becaes hes’ smart.

Eirairianna elf wizerd. LOL. Plese send me a freind reqwets!!@!!

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