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Natalie Petr-

Avatar: 30861 2010-01-24 16:36:34 -0500

[Phantasmagoric Spl-

Level 69 Camwhore

Queen of Hats and enjoy

MC Banhammer Posted:

Occasionally one of their members comes up with an idea for a role-playing thread or storyline, and solicits the other members for feedback and to participate. Response varies but the results are usually worth it. I myself enjoyed playing in a rick-roll thread they created in-house.

Yup, and we’ll be continuing that.

MC Banhammer Posted:

What I feel they’re missing, though, which could make them a real draw if they decide to incorporate this idea, is advice on how to role-play. I’m not saying they should teach how to be interesting or creative (although if they could pull that off it would certainly help), but I would’ve liked to have seen ideas on how to sound like a camwhore, emo kid, re-re, or yes, even troll, consistently; how to use clbum-appropriate emoticons correctly; what level of Unintelligencer to use and whether you should replace words it doesn’t; etc. If they offered this service I think they’d get a bigger draw.

We’re actually already in the process of branching out into this! Yay, us.

MC Banhammer Posted:

Not that it looks like they want a big draw; their klan description reads “We do like to see RP in forums before we invite folks.” Given the problems people have playing non-trolls, SRSLY may be keeping out the very people who could most add to their mission of being “fabulous persongy RP people with others”.

We like to see RP so that we know people are interested; it’s not a completely hard and fast rule, though, by any means. Log in to see images!

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