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Avatar: 44571 2012-05-16 20:18:28 -0400

[I Got Nothin]

Level 42 Troll

“Banned Camper”

Got a ****load of suggestions here (considering I haven’t seen them this entire thread)

Player Duels & “Boss Fights”; a better way to make gameplay and multiplayer less boring.

it should go like this:

you get a notification saying: ”A challenger has appeared, they want to take you on in a one-on-one duel”

Duels go like this:

one on one: players take turns attacking each other

The player must drain the other’s Ego to win the duel.

Players can use items, but can bring only so many to battle (as specified by whomever starts the duel)

As for ophelia’s bad poetry, I’m not sure if it should be disabled in duels (boss fights are another story)


Pretty much a mix of Forum battles and duels; unlike duels, you can use items as normal, and bosses have random healing items (based on the forum’s difficulty)

Bosses can also use boosts and handicap attacks, and they can use an Ego crushing “Super attack” similar to ophelia’s bad poetry.

(you can only fight a boss once per every four (or eight?) forum visits to balance things out)

You could have bosses in the storyline; they function basically the same as normal bosses but could be several times harder.


Bosses are more like bonuses; say you pwn a forum within X amount of turns or without using items or simply at random, and they challenge you after you pwn the forum.

they could either be certain forum Frequenters, or mods or even admins (Whatever the hell you prefer).

you could also rarely get special rewards for pwning bosses like unique consumables, or equippables similar to The ****’s steroids & Fr4gginwhatshisname’s mouse.

or you could just get better junk.

As for duels, I’ve been thinking there could be a “Duel Stats” and a special kind of Domination Scoop (a new flava?) for winning duels.

Duel stats
Wins- X (Duh)
Losses- Y (Duh)
Suicides- Z (Martyrdom or Euthinides)
woman's genitals Outs- A (Leave the duel)
WEPOs- B (Win by Enemy woman's genitalsing Out)
WEMs- C (Wins by Enemy Martyring)

woman's genitalsing out

When you woman's genitals out and run from a boss fight, the forum remains pwned, but the boss does not so no bonuses for you

When woman's genitalsing out from a duel, you lose and they get counted for a WEPO (win by enemy woman's genitalsing out)

When your enemy becomes An Hero, you win and get counted for a WEM (Wins by enemy Martyring).

Other ****ty suggestions
There needs to be some “defaced mona Lisa” style items for Camwhores & Emos:

Like some Platium Diamond-Covered Shoes, Full Body Tatoos, or Body Chain Piercings. (I’m not sure on the glbumes, trolls could possibly exploit the stats.)

Finally, Super attacks other than Ophelia’s bad poetry, like ones that could suck up say 100% Douchebaggery/Sexiness/Tears, and these could require like 1,000,000 cred to get. Damage maxes out at 150, and does damage based on how many points consumed, and require a minimum of 50
Douchebaggery/Sexiness/Tears. Supers require 9 turns to recharge and are not affected by neither Boosts nor handicaps.

(EDIT: Disregard the Strikeouted ****, I’ve realized my dumbbumery on how insane the suggested costs are.)

As for the Supers themselves:

Troll- Shock Image (links only Log in to see images!)
Camwhore- Full Nude Body Shot
Emo- Tl;Dr Rant (or maybe Feign Suicide, I don’t know, I don’t ****ing play emo)
zenon edited this message on 05/31/2008 4:46PM
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