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Avatar: wilD-sLuT22's Avatar

Level 10 Camwhore

i'm such a tedious, utterly useless **** that i deserve nothing more than a stock **** avatar

i have a small suggestion/problem, game-wise here.. i was looking in this area for a game problems thread but i cant easily find it if it exists, so i’ll post it here (i also have a small suggestion). -ok, i have about 190,000 credits, my luck is 10, my charisma is 11, and yesterday i ppwned the..(i dont know if its a spoiler to mention which one and dont know how to black it out, here, its a weaker forum people ppwn because it gives you 3 scoops per speed run) forum 7 times. today i got 2 presents/junk, which were worth about 500  total. though that is a weaker forum, shouldnt there be a little more in the way of junk/presents, and/or worth more   than that? to put that in perspective, i ppwned same forum days ago i believe it was 12 times, and the next day i also got only a few junk items, but that time one was worth  2500. is there a problem here, or was i just ‘unlucky’ today, when i got  500 worth for 7 ppwns? i realize weaker forums give less-valuable gifts, but the ratio, particularly compared to the ratio the other day from ppwning same forum, seems rather wide. not complaining, but $500 only covered my repair costs because i was wearing the haris piltons (usually i take them off and use a cat mask for speedruns).

i guess i’d like to suggest more valuable, or more overall total junk gifts of equal value to one valuable gift, per ppwn of forums, partly based on how many credits/charisma/luck someone has, of course all depending on how difficult the forum is. luck charisma and credits all have an effect on gifts, right? is there something i’m missing here? someone let me know, if they have an idea about it.



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