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Avatar: 41011 Wed Apr 08 15:50:20 -0400 2009

[Team Shortbus]

Level 19 Troll

I LOVE GOTHZILLA'S male reproductive organ!

mary misanthrope Posted:

I don’t actually like them and stuff. Log in to see images!

I think I am being encouraged to name drop to prove my coolness now? I somehow feel obliged.

The only “emo” bands I really know are like Braid, Cap’n Jazz, NoU, etcetcetc. “Sunny Gay Real Estate”, heh.

It’s music I just don’t like.

NoU shines in that pile.

similar to any genre, you are encouraged to take the good with the bad.

the initial occurrence of bands that could be labeled emo consisted of bands that displayed a panoply of musical heritage and a wide range of stylings. essentially the label existed to counterbalance the influx of skinhead, straightedge, and crossover metal (read: aggro) in hardcore punk.

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