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Heat Seeking-
Moisture Mi-

Avatar: Heat Seeking Moisture Missile's Avatar

Level 10 Troll

AKA Throbbing Thrill Hammer, Rod of God, and male reproductive organ

-God- Posted:

Ok please if people try to do something trolly here, please people in tsb or something, I mean who the **** is this guy?! He is in ****ing golden showers! ahahahahha that’s enough I think come one, this thread is so easy to troll, but you guys are SO bad.. Sad really..


I have been trying to figure out what’s wrong with you, and now I have it!

You clearly play the wrong clbum, but are not sure which one to play so stick with re re, because:

A. you are a whiny little **** who probably should be playing an emo, based on all the whining and loneliness and crying in this thread. But the problem is you have no talent for art, or poetry or music or anything else that emos are generally into.

B. You should be playing a troll based on the amount of anger you show in your responses, and the amount of insulting and cussing you do. But the problem with that is you are just not funny, you are actually anti funny, so you troll like crap.

You whine and crai like a emo, but are talentless, and you rage and swear like a troll but are anti-funny.

Actually…the more I think about it…I guess re-re is the best clbum for it, it most closely fits your IQ level.

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