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Night Gaunt

Avatar: Crying Painting

[the abyss]

Level 10 Emo Kid

“Gloomy Gus”

        Adin Cenbuma (Wizard 4)
        Human Male
        Age: 30
        Familiar’s Name: Reginald (Rat)
                STR 12 (+1)    DEX 14 (+2)    CON 14 (+2)
                INT 16 (+3)    WIS 12 (+1)    CHA 10 (+0)
                AC 12
                  + 2 Dex Bonus
                Initiative:  12 (+2 Dex)
                Fortitude:  +05 (1 base + 2 Con + 2 Rat)
                Reflex:     +03 (1 base + 2 Dex)
                Willpower:  +05 (4 base + 1 Wis)
                Base Attack Bonus: +2
                Melee Attack:      +3
                  Glath            +4    1d4+2    19-20/x2
                Ranged Attack:     +4
            School Specialization: Necromancy
            Prohibited School: Enchantment
        Skills (42)
        Alchemy              10 (7 ranks + 3 Int)
        Concentration         9 (7 ranks + 2 Con)
        Knowledge (Religion) 10 (7 ranks + 3 Int)
        Knowledge (City)     11 (7 rank  + 3 Int)
        Scry                 10 (7 ranks + 3 Int)
        Spellcraft           10 (7 ranks + 3 Int)
        Skill Focus [Knowledge (Religion)]
          +2 to checks for that area
        Silent Spell
          Can cast a spell without verbal components
        Enlarge Spell
          A spell has its range doubled
        Scribe Scroll (free)
          Ability to scribe scrolls
        Alchemist’s Lab                            500gp     -
        Alchemist’s Fire                x5         100gp     -
        Artisan’s Outfit                             1gp     -
        Bracers of Armor +1                       1000gp     -
        Candles                         x100         1gp   10lb 
        Glath: Dagger +1                          2302gp    1lb
        Pearl of Power II                         2000gp     -
        Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds  x3         900gp     -
        Spellbook                                   15gp    3lb
        Scrolls                                   1800gp     -
        Wand of Detect Magic                       375gp     -
        Total:                                             14lb
        Remaining:                                6gp   
        Scroll List
        1st-Level Arcane Spells:
           Burning Hands             x2         25 gp 
           Change Self               x2         25 gp 
           Detect Secret Doors       x2         25 gp 
           Detect Undead             x2         25 gp
           Summon Monster I                     25 gp
           Spider Climb              x2         25 gp
        2nd-Level Arcane Spells:
           Blindness/Deafness                  150 gp
           Cat’s Grace                x2       150 gp
           Detect Thoughts                     150 gp
           Invisibility                        150 gp
           Protection from Arrows              150 gp
           Spectral Hand                       150 gp
           Summon Monster II          x2       150 gp
           Summon Swarm                        150 gp
        Cantrips (4+1)
          Mage Hand                      x1
          Read Magic                     
          Disrupt Undead                 x4
        Level 1 (4+1)
          Cause Fear                     x3
          Magic Missle                   x2
          Ray of Enfeeblement            x1
        Level 2 (3+1)
          Bull’s Strength                x1
          Melf’s Acid Arrow              x1
          Darkvision                     x1 

[i]Adin is fairly unremarkable in appearance. He’s going a bit grey and can never seem to find the time to shave. He’s thin and a little pale and keeps to himself. Adin wears peasant clothes with an artisan’s smock. He always seems preoccupied and the few friendly neighbors he has quickly learned not to ask him what he’s thinking about.

Adin’s parents died while he was young. He was sent to live with a distant cousin who cared more about her own children than she did about him. Still, on the day he proclaimed to his cousin that he wanted to leave she gave him a sizable amount of gold as a parting gift on the condition that he’d never return. Adin moved to the opposite side of the city and entered academy. It was in the academy library that he learned of Liches. He believed that his deepest fear of dying could finally be solved and since then, Adin has thrown every last gold piece and spare moment he’s had into becoming the greatest necromancer in all the world. Surely then he’ll find the secret to becoming a Lich, at least, that’s what he believes. Meanwhile, he’s taken residence in a small place on Cross Street where he experiments and studies the dead. He makes some gold by selling bodies or parts of bodies to medical schools under the table. Adin’s best and likely his only friend, is his rat familiar by the name of Reginald.[/i]

Night Gaunt edited this message on 11/17/2007 10:34PM
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