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Evil Trout

Avatar: 35 2013-08-13 11:47:18 -0400

[Crotch Zombie]

Level 21 Hacker

I have ample evidence that ET is a weedy little twerp.

Before we wrapped up Episode 1 we made the decision to cut a mission because it wasn’t quite ready for primetime, even though Jalapeno and I were both big fans of it.

While I was finishing up the Buy Stuff! section this week, Jalapeno and I brainstormed a new character for the mission, and then he wrote it up. We then revisited the part that was almost ready and spent a bunch of time improving it. We’re going to launch it tomorrow morning at 11AM EST (I’ll actually start the maintenance slightly before.)

The new mission is not combat related and involves a unique interface that we haven’t deployed so far. It’s also pretty short (I think most people will finish it in about 20 minutes, but some may take longer, others shorter.)

Having said that, I’m very happy with the final product. I think the conversation Jalapeno came up with is especially good, and I hope you guys will too.

The mission will be given to all characters who have deployed 3 XSS attacks, as that’s where it fits into Episode 1.

Also, in order to celebrate our first real content update to Forumwarz, I’m going to give away some Brownie Points!

The Contest

The first prize will be 3 brownie points to the first person who successfully finishes the mission. This is more or less a race based on who is around so early on a Sunday morning. Again the new mission should be live at 11AM EST. Unless there are complications I’ll flip over from maintenance exactly at 11AM.

The second (more challenging) prize is 5 brownie points to the first person who gets the E-Peen™ related to the mission. This is more complicated as it will involve a lot of experimentation and playing around. I’ll give a hint after 24 hours if nobody is able to figure it out by then themselves.

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