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DEAD fabulous person

Avatar: 21099 Wed Jul 08 18:09:49 -0400 2009

[Vacation Hideaway]

Level 35 Camwhore


BINGEBOT 2015 Posted:

Adding some ideas for discussion (some new, some old):

1) Domination Scoop Fiesta: When you get a scoop, you actually earn a random flava

2) DFF (Domination Favourite Flava): Every time you earn a scoop of a specific flava that week, you get two

2a) Two scoops of flava: Every day during the week, a different flava is chosen, each scoop of the chosen flava that is earned is doubled

2b) Cracker Jacks: Every time you earn a scoop of a designated flava you get a random second scoop

3) Domination Card Fiesta: Everyone starts with a random card (or multiple cards)

4) I like iced cream: No cards for a given week

5) My Favourite Domination : All scoops earned are a specified flava


All of these are a lot better, because they don’t enjoy competition. I’m curious what other serious dom players think.

Edit: 6) Sigh… Here we go again: Hardcap on antifreeze is liftedLog in to see images!

More serious ones:

7a) Dealbreaker: Ties are disqualified, highest unique total wins

7b) Mbumive mutiny: Cards can only be used on klanmates

8) Fight to the death: Any player with playable cards on hand at the end of the round is disqualified

9a) You can run but you can’t hide: No Shields

9b) Play nice, now: No bumholes

10) Can’t see ****: All cards, scoops etc are invisible all round

DEAD FAGGOT edited this message on 05/06/2008 3:25PM
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