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Lucinda Sher-

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[Team Shortbus]

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daisy_fungus Posted:

I think you need two of them, one to hold Manphin down and the other to make a dolphin out of him.

he shore does have a purty blowhole, don’t he?

I’m so very sorry, ladies and gentlemen. I got up to fix a glbum of hot milk to help me sleep and found my granddaughter Jade on the computer again. Well, at least she wasn’t on the ICWDB website.

I’ve locked Jade in her room now, and Father Flanagan is coming tomorrow to have a long, private talk with her about discipline.

With all Christian love and remorse,

Mrs. Lucinda Sherwood

Lucinda Sherwood edited this message on 05/03/2008 2:13AM

May the Lord bless you and keep you.

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