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Avatar: 4928 2011-07-31 00:39:10 -0400

[Team Shortbus]

Level 40 Emo Kid

Vile serpent! I generally avoid temptation unless I can't resist it.

Bigguyinblack Posted:

Won’t this just lead to way more people pwning Memebusters at the 30 minute period that it’s at 14? And it takes some Trolls about 10 minutes to do the forum meaning that they can only get 3 runs of 14 within that 30 minutes anyway.

Honestly how many people are really grinding meme at 14 threads x4 each day? Even counting alts for some people it really doesn’t seem like more than 50-100 accounts that are really hammering memebusters.

Further the time limit will discourage people from saving up 12 visits in order to do 12x meme as it seems virtually impossible to expend 12 visits on meme in a 30 minute period. However based on being able to run it 10 times with 2 characters this morning I’d say 4-8 runs seems pretty doable for most players. Troll will probably be sucking it up but what else is new…

If anything this will likely encourage most of the cred leaders to move back to PP unless they are willing to camp until 14 thread meme loads. Yeah that means some people will lose ground to others but cie la vie.

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