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Level 10 Troll

i'm so lonely... i have no friends... plz help...

As many of you know Rerolling Forums is used to obtain the maximum amount of Cred from forums with variable thread numbers. Currently 14 threads in MemeBusters is the maximum gives you the most Cred you can get out of 1 visit. But is that a good thing? The constant page hits created by attempting to Reroll MemeBusters or in some cases Wiccapedia must be taking at least a slight toll on the servers and often leads to a great deal of frustration for the player trying to get that max thread number.

On the one hand this could be viewed as the price you pay for trying to get the E-Peen or trying to earn the max Flezz possible. But while it’s one thing to be frustrated by game balance *cough*Trolls*cough* it’s another thing entirely to be frustrated by a situation brought about by the game interface itself.

Are there other options? Should we sacrifice the RP aspect of a random # of threads in those forums for an improvement in player satisfaction such as a Max Possible Threads option in the options tab or removing the variable numbers entirely?

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