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[Team Shortbus]

Level 50 Camwhore

LCC club

According to the most accomplished upcoming troll on these, the ForumWarz forums for discussion of things relating to ForumWarz (and other topics, in the specified subforums), the prime directive you are required to follow for successful trolling is to be as verbose as humanly possible in order to prove to all posters who cannot follow your over-complicated prose that you are extremely intelligent compared to them and so there is no use arguing against you; a mere 3-page exposition on their flaws should be sufficient to prove your victory in all flamewars with them past, present, future, and indeed in any other time periods yet to be described that those three designations do not encompbum by definition. It is completely and positively unnecessary to follow established rules and regulations for ejaculating thoughts in coherent sentences provided your posted ASCII is comprised of a veritable baker’s dozen of “ten dollar words”, to use an expression rather more suited to commoners than aristocratic and scholarly contributors as we happen to be.

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