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Avatar: Webcam Girl

Level 10 Camwhore

“Leave it to Cleavage”

God, it took awhile to read through all that.

Anyway, to those who have donated, I seem to recall that ET said Ep.2 would be free-to-play for prior donators (which, note to those worried about costs, would make it a good idea to donate a bit now to minimize costs, hey hey!) Please correct me if I’m wrong.

I suppose I’d pay about 10 bucks…maybe…if I could figure out where to get/how to get money for a Visa Gift Card or whatever. If you do make it cost money to play, then it’d be a good idea to have threads about payment options et cetera.

Note on the adverts: I think that I’ve clicked on several of them, but I also find that I’m coming across the same ones over and over, Rappelz in particular. I note that once I have clicked on an ad, I will find out about whatever game or site it describes (generally finding that whatever it is fails on my mac, bleargh.) and then I will never click it again. Perhaps you could find some way to vary the ads that come through? The sort of person to click on these ads, such as myself, would very much be more likely to investigate them if they were not the same all the time. Just a thought, you know?

And I wonder, could you put on more advertising space, and increase revenues that way? It probably would violate your ToS tho, drat.

I believe you asked for suggestions for more Brownie Point rewards? Here’s one: Brownie Points being exchanged for custom fonts in Flamebate posts. Here’s another: Brownie points for the temporary ability to post “before” someone else in a flamebate thread- have your post be chronologically where you want it in the thread. It’d make for interesting happenings I think.

Or maybe my mind is just addled from all that reading.

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