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ProfeSsoRCHIld Posted:

High low is simple. The dealer deals a single card, and you try to predict whether the next card is higher in value, or lower in value. The trick is that you do this in a string… you pay more than the first “success” (or couple of successes, depending on house rules) can give you, and you can “cash out” at any time… each success raising how much you’ll get back more and more, but when you lose, you lose.

The only thing to add to that is when a card is dealt that is the same value as the old card (eg. you have a 2 of hearts and then after guessing the next card is the 2 of spades) then nothing happens and the player guesses again. So, no money is added to the pot that turn, but the player doesn’t lose.

Also, a idea for a game is to have one of the various adding games like 98,99, and 100.

Edit:!! After looking at the current ****ing about the amount of forum visits, I came up with a great idea! Why don’t you give the ability to bet your forum visits!

Azsedcf edited this message on 11/15/2007 12:22AM
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