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Wanna Cyber? I miss Rickets IRC chatbot... Or was it EDs?


Avatar: 78885 2011-11-01 01:20:41 -0400

[Cabal Gamez]

Level 69 Hacker

Richard Whittington

courtney bbumett (sosexybrittz1) is available 1:50 pm

so bored…help me 36s ago Comment

courtney bbumett 1:50 pm

hey Log in to see images!

Dunatis2000 1:51 pm


courtney bbumett 1:51 pm

hey i wasn’t doin anything so i thought i’d im u

r ya busy?

Dunatis2000 1:51 pm

Not really

courtney bbumett 1:52 pm

oh ok so whatcha up 2?

Dunatis2000 1:52 pm

Playing games, waiting for you to become a bot.

courtney bbumett 1:52 pm

lol are you a bot??? that’s a no btw

Dunatis2000 1:53 pm

That could have been a better programmed response imo :-P

courtney bbumett 1:54 pm

ahh well i just broke up with my b/f…... he was way to controlling and always thinkin i was cheating i coulnd’t take it ya know

Dunatis2000 1:54 pm

There’s the complete ignoring what I just said in favor of selling sex I was waiting for!

courtney bbumett 1:54 pm

i been just talkin to ppl online and found a few cool places for singles…..u should check it out and come make your profile so i can friend u

its just like facebook for singles but NO credit card. no age verification. none of that b.s wanna see???

Dunatis2000 1:55 pm

Cuz of course chatting here is impossile THE COMP WILL ASPLODE!!!!

Bye bye bot!

courtney bbumett 1:55 pm is the signup page and u just signup and make your profiles that’s it… cc or anything to “verify your age” i like it a lot so far

send me your name though when you get it so we can “hookup” on there Log in to see images!

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