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Debate Crotch Zombie to sue Treyarch


Avatar: 25677 Tue Mar 31 17:59:16 -0400 2009

Level 35 Emo Kid

purchace championchips

November 14, 2001 – Toronto, Canada

Call of Duty is the Goliath of the video game world. The series has sold millions of copies and catapulted itself from a solid, World War II shooter to the sprawling multiplayer playground and Hollywood-style campaign that we know today. Call of Duty: Black Ops takes much of what made Modern Warfare 2 great and slightly expands and modifies it.

However, it appears that not everyone is a fan of the game. In a surprise move, a small, Canadian-based underground game company called Crotch Zombie has filed suit against legitimate game developer Treyarch over content found in the new blockbuster hit Call of Duty: Black Ops. In this exciting new game, you take the role of covert operative Alex Mason, a soldier being interrogated for information that he can’t remember. You play through Mason’s memories in search for information. Sam Worthington, Ed Harris, and Gary Oldman deliver expert performances and really nail their respective characters.

Like most console games, there are also achievements or trophies, depending on which system you play. One such achievement on XBox 360 involves escaping the interrogation chair, and then enering a secret code into a nearby computer. Doing so earns you an achievement called “Eaten by a Grue”, worth 15 Gamerscore points.

Robin Ward, a.k.a. ‘Evil Trout’ claims that this achievement is a direct copy of his creative efforts in his own ‘video game’ called ForumWarz. In this parody of Internet sub-subculture, there is an optional …

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Avatar: 70672 Fri Nov 07 09:28:28 -0500 2008

[And The Banned Pla-
yed On

Level 59 Hacker

“Cracking Addict”

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Avatar: 88331 2015-08-08 07:14:08 -0400

[A Beautiful Place -
Out in the Country

Level 34 Emo Kid

See avatar for why Duca is fat and single



Avatar: 192622 2009-09-24 16:39:01 -0400


Level 69 Re-Re

$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$

If Trout wins, maybe he’ll go back to Forumwarz full-time. Or maybe he’ll X-Box binge until he OD’s on Greek mythology.

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Joseph of Su-

Avatar: 182182 2014-09-14 14:41:25 -0400


Level 69 Hacker, Dev-free since 2012!

If only, if only.

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