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Avatar: 38 2010-12-05 22:39:25 -0500

Level 12 Troll


I posted a while ago about this, but in light of the gameplay revamp and development of Ep3 there really wasn’t (and still isn’t) bandwidth to get any dedicated programming time for significant changes. That being said I managed to push forward at least one change with the gameplay revamp so why don’t we start discussions and see what comes out.

I’m thinking of having the first completely open session next Saturday (July 18th @ 1pm EST). I will eventually break down the group into smaller discussion groups, but for this first session we can have a general discussion to define the main issues of Dom as it stands today, what the main mechanic of the game should be, and perhaps even get into some of the proposed suggestions…

If you are interested (and missed the first recruitment window) DO NOT REPLY TO THIS THREAD, send me a TM with your email address.

I will be setting up an IRC channel via mibbit for our discussions (and will email you the information.


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